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Terms and Conditions

The purpose of this agreement is to prescribe the terms and conditions of use of Internet services provided by Event of International Engineering Technology Publication and Association (hereinafter called Society). The society may arbitrarily change these terms and conditions, and the changed terms will be announced to the members through the site of society during 10 days before the changed terms apply, and it will be effective on the applicable date.
Members have the right not to agree to the changed terms, and if member does not agree to the changed terms, member may stop using the service and withdraw. However, if member does not express their intention of denial within 10 days from the date of application, they shall be deemed to have agreed to the changes terms.

  • Members apply for membership by submitting their information to the prescribed form by the society.
  • Members must submit their real names and actual information when applying for membership, and members who do not provide their real names and actual information can't claim legal rights and assert any rights related to their use of the service.
  • Members must abide by the provisions of this agreement, other rules and regulations announced by the society, and related laws and regulations, and should not interfere with the activities of other conferences or impair the reputation of the conferences.
  • The service is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week, unless there is a special obstacle to the business or technology of the society. However, the society may suspend the service for the purpose of maintenance, replacement, breakdown, periodical inspection or operational necessity of information and communication equipment such as computer.
  • The Society is not responsible for any damages incurred by members in connection with the use of the Service. If a member damages the Society by violating the obligations of this Agreement, the Member shall indemnify the Society against such damages.
  • This Agreement is for an indefinite term. Either party can terminate for any reason at any time.

Privacy Policy

The purpose of gathering personal information is to provide high-quality service and personalized services according to the preferences and needs of individual members.

In principle, the Society does not provide personal information of members outside.

Members of the Society can view or modify their personal information at any time and can request the deletion of their personal information through the termination of membershipregistration.

Members' personal information will be kept by the Society and used for the provision of services during the service of the Society. In principle, after the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, we will destroy the information without delay.

It is recommended that you use the original ID and password only by yourself, and change your password frequently. It is recommended that you use a number that is difficult for others to guess by mixing letters and numbers.