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Conference Title The 3rd International Conference on Advances in Geosciences & Geochemistry (CAGG 2021)
Conference Dates Jun 01-03 , 2021
Submission Deadline 2021-05-01
Indexes CNKI
Official Web Site
Venue Grand Link Hotel
Location Guilin , China
Description The 3rd International Conference on Advances in Geosciences & Geochemistry (CAGG 2021)

Conference Date: June 1-3, 2021
Conference Venue: Guilin, China
Online Registration System:
The 3rd International Conference on Advances in Geosciences & Geochemistry (CAGG 2021)will be held in Guilin, China, during June 1-3, 2021. The aim of CAGG 2021 is to provide a stage for researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Biogeochemistry, Environmental geochemistry, Geosciences, Hydrogeochemistry and other related fields.

If you wish to serve the conference as an invited speaker, please send email to us with your CV. We'll contact with you asap.

Publication and Presentation

Publication: Open Access Journal, please contact us for detailed information
Index: CNKI and Google Scholar
Note: If you want to present your research results but do NOT wish to publish a paper, you may simply submit an Abstract to our Registration System.

Contact Us

Tel: +86 15629085792
QQ: 1349406763
WeChat: 3025797047
Twitter: conf_Committee

Attendance Methods

1.Submit full paper (Regular Attendance+Paper Publication+Presentation)
You are welcome to submit full paper, all the accepted papers will be published by Open access journal.
2.Submit abstract (Regular Attendance+Abstract+Presentation)
3.Regular Attendance (No Submission Required)

Conference Topics

Biogeochemical cycles
Carbon cycle
Depositional environment
Element geochemistry
Environmental geochemistry
Experimental geochemistry
Exploration geochemistry
Geochemical analytical techniques
Geochemical mapping
Geochemical processes
Geochemistry applied to exploration
Geochemistry in soils research
Geochemistry of industrial mineral hazards
Geochemistry of radioactive environmental contamination
Geochemistry of the reservoir
Groundwater quality assessment
Heavy metals in the environment
Hydrogeochemical processes
Hydrothermal fluid flow systems
Inorganic geochemistry
Isotope geochemistry
Lithosphere-hydrosphere interactions
Noble gases geochemistry
Organic geochemistry
Radioactive geochemistry
Regional geochemical surveys
Reservoir geochemistry
Stable isotopes
Stable isotopic geothermometry
Surface geochemistry

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