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About us

The IETP-Conference is a directory conference information on academic conference all over the worlds. Everyone could freely subscribe to various conference information on anytime, anywhere via the IETP-Conference.

The IETP-Conference provides a unique platform, stylish designed and readable format with accurate information. These days’ academic conferences are held in many countries around the world. Accordingly, the accuracy of information is emphasized now, so that The IETP-Conference aims to provide the conference information to all of leading researchers, engineers, scientists and organizers in the domain of interest from around the world.

It also provides extensive information on conference that is ranging from Engineering and Technology to Medicine, and provides services to all people who belongs to various field, including student, researchers and experts on their field.

In addition, the conference hosts could share their conference information to more people through the sharing system on the IETP-Conference.

The IETP-Conference provides the information about conference in various fields on around world, so that it not only fosters your career, but also a constructive influence on your academic.

Moreover, the IETP-Conference has been collaborated with IETP-Association that is the Open Access Journal Site, so that users of IETP-Conference could publish their papers quickly and precisely to Open Access Journal.

All of members of this site can upload their conferences information easily and free.

Conferences listed on the site should provide details about the conference using the English language and provide a link to a web page that displays the information in the English language as well. The conference lists will provide the publication opportunities for attendees (Poster, Oral Presentation).

The Free tools of the IETP-Conference for member could post conference information and publication. Also members could manage their conferences on member’s own account. The IETP-Conference offers such a variety of services.

If you have a more curiosity on the IETP-Conference, please go to Service Information on this site.

Sincerely yours, The IETP-Conference